The Disability Collection

People with disabilities make up about 20% of the population, but are featured in less than 2% of the images we see in the media. The images we see are far from real, and far from enough. Let’s change that.

Oath, the National Disability Leadership Alliance and Getty Images are proud to announce The Disability Collection, a dedicated collection of images that break stereotypes and authentically portray people with disabilities in everyday life.

While we cannot change what people publish or click on overnight, we can provide better alternatives for those looking to create more authentic representation.

Getty Images and Oath will be providing resources and opportunities that encourage photographers to capture this imagery, promoting disability representation in front of and behind the camera.

Join us

Let’s change how the world sees disability.

Share your snapshots, selfies, power poses and more on social media using #TheDisabilityCollection.

Sign up to become a Getty Images contributor and submit your images to the collection.

Meet a few of the many disability activists who are working to champion disability representation in the media. Nominate someone or share your story on social media using #TheDisabilityCollection.

Leroy F. Moore Jr. is a writer, poet, hip-hop/music lover, community activist, and feminist. He is the Co-founder of the Sins Invalid  performance project and the creator of Krip-Hop Nation (Hip-Hop artists with disabilities and other disabled musicians from around the world). He is also a founding member of the National Black Disability Coalition.

Leroy F. Moore Jr., Co-Founder of Sins Invalid

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