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Build awareness, engagement and a loyal following with brand experiences that entertain and inspire. Our combination of data, content and scale will connect you directly to the hearts and minds of Oath’s 1 billion consumers.  

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Brand-safe canvas:

Oath fuses trusted stories with immersive experiences, resulting in over 70% of consumers associating trust with our brands like HuffPost and Yahoo Finance.[1]

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Innovation at scale:

Augmented reality ads help you win love for your brand, reaching Yahoo Mail’s 70M users in new, unexpected ways.

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Mobile-first, insights-led:

With most of our global users on mobile and insights from 4T data signals, we help you understand audiences across screens.

HP partnered with Oath to create a campaign that inspired Millennials to take advantage of HP Instant Ink’s Free Printing Plan. They leveraged RYOT Studio AR ads, native ads, and custom-branded content on HuffPost and Tumblr to boost awareness.

Drive brand discovery with the right solutions

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Promote brand consideration with experiences that inform your audience and let them interact directly with your products and services. Using our data, technology platforms and media brands you can give them the content they want to see, in the context and on the device of their choosing.

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Every interest, everyday:

Our brands span 90% of comScore's top digital media categories, including the top-ranked sources for news and finance.

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Data powerhouse:

Put our 4 trillion data signals to use with machine learning technology that has driven up to a 48% increase in conversions and 38% decrease in CPC.[2]

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Ads that perform:

Dynamic and integrated native ads can drive more interaction with your story. Multi-image carousel ads have shown 35% higher CTR than single images ads.[3]

Yahoo Sports partnered with Pizza Hut to create the first-to-market digitized pool around football’s big game. "Squares Pick'em” takes everyone's favorite game day competition and modernizes it with an easy-to-use digital interface. This campaign used custom data targeting, native advertising, display, pre-roll video, sponsorships and search to drive engagement.

Encourage brand consideration with the right solutions

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Drive conversion and commerce with advertising that encourages your audience to act. Oath’s solutions enable you to optimize your goals, message, audience, and ultimately your business performance.

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Innovation that drives purchase:

New ad formats like our mobile moments and mobile wallet ads spur online and offline transactions resulting in a 40% lift in ROAS.[4]

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Cross-device precision

Exposure to mobile and desktop ads can result in 4X higher conversion lift compared to just one, and we have the data and technology to make it work seamlessly.[5]

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Measurement to prove it:

Custom multi-touch attribution, sales analysis and deep campaign insights keep you one step ahead of the competition.

Macy’s drove in-store traffic and a lift in return on ad spend by turning traditional direct-mail coupons into a digital experience. Using Oath’s new mobile wallet ad unit, they enabled customers to store coupons in their mobile wallet and receive relevant time and location-based reminders to prompt purchases.

Improve conversions with the right solutions

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