Brand Love Stories

Oath's Digital Prophet on what it takes to win brand love

It’s the month of Valentine's Day and love is in the air. We reached out to David Shing, Oath’s Digital Prophet, to get his take on brand love. Not surprisingly, Shingy had a lot to say.

Monday Morning Quarterbacking the Super Bowl Ads

Oath VP and Head of Creative Jim Bosiljevac looks at this year's Super Bowl commercials through the lens of the six brand love drivers.

Deliver personalized experiences on mobile

R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Find out what it means to your customers, and you could be well on your way to building brand love. Respect involves being fair and reliable, but it also means providing unique, personalized experiences--especially when it comes to appealing to different age groups.

Take a stand: use mobile to speak up

Gone are the days where brands can idly sit by without taking a stance--having an opinion enables you to connect with consumers who share your values. Know what your brand represents and make sure your actions reinforce that at every turn, across every device.

Setting trends and elevating experiences with mobile

Oath discovered consumers are passionate about brands that set trends, constantly innovate and always keep the customer experience top-of-mind. If you want people to love your brand, you need to create what's next.

Make it personal: building trust on mobile

People expect more of brands than ever before—not only does a product or service have to work, and work well, but a brand also has to understand its customers, make them feel valued, and use customer data for good without taking advantage. Not exactly simple.

Oath Debuts Brand Love Index Revealing Key Drivers That Inspire Today’s Consumers

New insights highlight how marketers can win the hearts and minds of their consumers.

Building brand love with mobile

Oath recently conducted a comprehensive study, tapping 150,000 consumers across 13 markets, 10 industry verticals, and all demographics to get at the heart of brand love. We identified six key drivers that build brands people love, especially on mobile.