Oath Ad Platforms for Publishers

Build your strategy, your way. We offer the only solution that combines a powerful demand stream with publisher-built products that grow and evolve your business.


Solutions built for you


Video Publishers

Optimize your opportunities with end-to-end video solutions that are flexible enough to support your growth and monetization strategy.

Simplify your sales with integrated tools for demand forecasting, yield optimization, and performance insights.  With our premium content library and extensive syndication network, you’ll never be at a loss for quality content, or new viewers to reach.


Omnichannel Publishers

Supercharge your revenue with an advanced omnichannel SSP that allows publishers of all sizes to manage their cross-device portfolio. Best-in-class demand and a first price auction drive better results and offer buyers transparency.

Get up and running instantly with an intuitive self-serve interface, supported for every transaction model and robust deal management.


App Developers

Drive deeper customer engagement with robust analytics data, and monetize inventory with the largest supply of programmatic mobile demand. You can deploy the leading developer suite that delivers precision data, better technology, and better ad revenue options.


Benefits for publishers

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More ways to make more

Our platform connects you with top-tier advertisers and the tools to find new audiences and opportunities easily.

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Experiences people love

Our immersive native ads and engaging video experiences ensure that your customers and advertisers keep coming back for more.

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Be in control

Customize your monetization efforts and evolve your strategy with the tools that we use on our own properties.