What is
brand love?

Is it trust? Authenticity? A great story? We ask some of the brightest minds in marketing, media and entertainment for real answers, and they go all in.

Rob Reilly

Global Creative Chairman, McCann

People accept brands more in their lives than ever before. The flipside is people expect a lot more out of brands. —RR

Marisa Thalberg

CMO, Taco Bell

The most protected part is how you define your DNA and your brand and how you express it in the world. —MT

Kyle MacLachlan

Actor & Entrepreneur

If you have great characters and you put them in a great story, you’re gonna have an audience. —KM

Wendy Clark

CEO, DDB, North America

If there was one ingredient we’d have a world of amazing brands. —WC

Josh Krichefski

CEO, Mediacom, UK

If a brand can tell a story that’s meaningful, they have a better chance of resonating with people. —JK

Michael Kassan

Chairman and CEO, Medialink

At the core of a service organization is the relationship you have with your client. —MK

Keith Reinhard

Chairman Emeritus, DDB

There’s a difference between a click and a true connection; a difference between creating a buzz and a brand. —KR

Rick Hirst

CEO, Carat, UK

Would you be willing to wear a t-shirt with the names of your favorite brands on it? —RH

Karine Courtemanche

President, Touché

It’s part art, part science. And you never really know when the magic will happen. —KC

Ken Hertz

Founder, memBrain

Trust inspires love. And the value of a brand is measured in trust. —KH

Shelley Zalis

CEO, The Female Quotient

I think the most important thing for brands is authenticity, responsiveness, and caring about your customer. —SZ

Daryl Lee

Global CEO, UM

If I’m seeing stories that are truly relevant to me as a person, then I’m going to trust the brand that talks to me more. —DL

Michele Silvestri

EVP & Chief Design Director, GTB

The feedback loop is so important. The more you’re listening, the more you can put back in. —MS

Washington Olivetto

Chairman, WMcCann

This interview 10 years ago would be more expensive, more complicated and less sophisticated - this is technology. —WO

Tracy Jones

Managing Director, Alternator

The secret ingredient to brand love is the same ingredient that makes real love - authenticity. —TJ

Scott Donaton

Chief Content Officer, Digitas

Human connection is the main ingredient. To bring out emotion in people is to connect. —SD

Søren Christensen

Client Service Director and Partner, ROBERT/BOISEN & Like-minded

73% of all brands could disappear tomorrow. The ultimate success is if people actually cared if yours disappeared. —SC

Shelley Smit

President, UM, Canada

It’s a feeling, a loyalty. It’s not always perfect, but you have trust in that brand that it will be there for you. —SS

Rob Schwartz

CEO, TBWA\Chiat\Day New York

If a brand, like a person, delights you and helps you, you’ve got a pretty good shot of creating love. —RS

Jacqueline Corbelli

Founder, Chairman and CEO, Brightline Partners

We’re digital animals – we absorb and interpret differently. And technology needs to reflect that. —JC

Harvey Carroll

CEO, IPG MB, Canada

Brand love is measured by the degree that a consumer will go out of their way to interact with your brand. —HC

Eva Lundgren

Head of Marketing, Spies Denmark

Brand love is like a football team - if you love a team, you’ll support them no matter how they do. —EL