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Display solutions

Display remains a big revenue driver for publishers, and Oath’s solutions are designed to maximise each impression across mobile web and desktop. 


Drive incremental revenue with display using our traditional waterfall or header bidding solution. Our supply-side platform is integrated with Oath’s exchange and industry-leading DSPs for desktop and mobile web, setting you up to monetise effectively for maximum yield.

How Super Auction, our header bidding solution, works

Super Auction is our in-app header bidding solution that allows everyone to see your inventory and bid at the same time. With this “every look” access, buyers have a fair chance to compete for all ad opportunities.


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Supercharged demand

Gain access to scaled, premium demand that’s available nowhere else, plus a dedicated team to keep it growing.

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Flexible creative

Super Auction prevents latency by letting us choose between our creative and yours through hybrid server-to-server and client-side solutions.

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Brand safety controls

Meet your buyers’ campaign requirements with Oath technologies and the industry’s top third-party providers.

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Partner-first approach

We’re a publisher too, so we understand your business. That’s why we build open, easy-to-use tools to manage your inventory and make money.

Display by the numbers

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Potential incremental revenue lift with header bidding

increase in daily revenue for header bidding clients

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Case study: Intermarkets achieves higher fill and CPMs

Like many publishers unsatisfied with the traditional supply side platform waterfall, Intermarkets was looking for a way to amplify bid values at the impression level.

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