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Ad server solutions

Oath’s ad server provides publishers with advanced ad management and serving capabilities across the entire digital marketing landscape.


Advertisers are savvier about how they buy their ads, which is why we offer a solution designed to maximize revenue across every format and channel. Seamlessly manage campaigns across display, video, mobile, and rich media ads with sales and business analytics tools from Oath.



Ad server benefits

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Streamlined workflow

Manage complex ad serving processes in real-time with precise forecasting tools and targeting options.

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Advanced mobile targeting

The ease of booking a display campaign, but with mobile targeting, device specificity, and placement flexibility.

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Cross-screen monetization

Connect mobile web and in-app growth with demand needs.

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Seamless programmatic management

Effectively fill unreserved inventory.

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Precision inventory management

IMS Pro can manage, monetize, and optimize your inventory. Moat viewability metrics will help you understand buyer behavior.

Why use the Oath ad server?

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