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Become an expert in Oath Ad Platforms with our certification programs. Online, self-guided learning modules cover both core topics as well as advanced features and products across our state-of-the-art marketing platforms. Pass a knowledge assessment to earn a certification badge and gain the know-how to easily and skillfully manage campaigns. If you're located in North America and want to become certified, click here.

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Reasons to get certified

Increase your skill set

Gain the ability to expertly manage campaigns and execute key tasks in the Platform.

Get better results

Explore targeting and bidding strategies to hit your campaign goals.

Display your knowledge

Use Oath Ad Platforms certification badges to show your expertise and stand out from the competition.

How to earn your badge:

  1. Get in touch with your Oath account team to get a certification registration code
  2. Study with self-paced learning modules
  3. Pass the assessment to get an official certification badge good for one year
  4. Share with your professional network that you are up-to-date in digital advertising

Get certified with all the know-how you need to master our buy-side platform. Learn about programmatic campaign setup, optimization and targeting.

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From understanding basic concepts to leveraging breakthrough formats, our Native Marketplace certification will help you become an expert in native strategy.

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Looking to certify your agency team or client-side marketing group?
Our on-site Jumpstart training program offers personalized classroom training for the DSP. Get in touch with your Oath representative to learn more.