Oath Stories

Yahoo Sports’ Kavan Sabnani on Building Fantasy for All

From the moment you meet him, it’s obvious Kavan Sabnani is a sports superfan. We’ve been playing his exciting new game, Yahoo Fantasy Slate, and reached out to hear directly from the mind behind it.

Cyntia Navarro is Breaking Down Barriers for Others

Cyntia Navarro is a global co-lead of Oath's Latinos in Tech (LIT) employee resource group (ERG). For Latinx Heritage Month, she spoke with us about how she's breaking down barriers for others.

Shingy’s 8 Takeaways from Advertising Week New York

As Advertising Week New York packs up the red carpet of its 15th year, let's take a moment to pause and reflect. Consider where we are today as an industry, and where we may be headed.

HuffPost’s Hillary Frey on Why Listening to America Matters

To say Hillary Frey knows a thing or two about journalism would be a vast understatement. We spoke with her during the planning phase for the next iteration of their Listen to America tour.

Celebrating Latinx Diversity with Carolina Moreno

Carolina Moreno is a Health Enterprise reporter at HuffPost and a co-lead of Oath's Latinos in Tech (LIT) employee resource group (ERG) for our New York office.

Scoring for Fans: Yahoo Sports’ Sarah Crennan on Football Season

Meet the woman making winning plays at Yahoo Sports. Sarah Crennan, their Head of Content, is quarterbacking new content at a champion’s pace.