Love builds brands. What builds love?

We got 150,000 consumers in 13 countries to reveal what makes them love their most-loved brands. These top six takeaways will lead your brand to love's door.

Oath, Brand Love Index Global Study, 2017; Oath, Flurry Global Internal Data, 2016

The six drivers of brand love

100% of brand love is driven by six brand behaviours that hold up across industries and generations.

Exceed needs

Drives a larger amount of brand love than any other behaviour–26%. Do something no other brand does, or do it better. Give consumers what they want before they ask.

Build trust

The second-biggest driver of brand love in most industries and markets, making up 19% of brand love in Hong Kong. Goes hand-in-hand with brand loyalty and admiration. Get personal with customised experiences that build a foundation of trust.

Set trends

Drives 17% of brand love. Innovation doesn’t stop at your product. Rethink every touchpoint with consumers.

Share values

Drives 14% of brand love in Hong Kong. Establish your core beliefs, act on them to make the world better, and make it a part of your message to create an emotional connection with your consumer. It’s equally important to all generations.

Respect consumers

Drives 14% of brand love. Consistently demonstrate fairness and reliability. Address public scandals head on. Love works both ways, and brand love is no exception.

Elevate experiences

Drives 10% of brand love and is key to brand loyalty. Consumers are willing to go out of their way for, and give second chances to, brands that do this well. Make every interaction more creative, more thoughtful, more impactful.

Expectations by industry

Drive love with relationships

Cars are all about the journey. Respecting consumers means 23% more to brand love in the auto industry. That's why the best auto brands build individual relationships, target with premium experiences and get very, very personal.

Put everything into innovation

In finance, people are bullish on building trust and and setting trends and bearish on elevating experiences. But this represents a big opportunity. Finance brands can build love by focusing on innovation. Push the way you engage with customers through your product, and things will start looking up.