Break through to get your story heard

May 23, 2018

The struggle for consumer attention is real. Consumers are using 30 different apps1 each month, and most of them are multitasking. You're probably doing it too—are you on your phone and desktop right now? Admit it, you are.

In a world of information overload, one in which we're inundated with a whopping 10,000 brand messages every day,2 it's hard to engage consumers in the right place, at the right time, with the right message. Content marketing allows brands to break through and connect to real humans through entertainment, emotional storytelling, and shared values and experiences.

Creating this emotional connection is key to accelerating consumers through the funnel toward action and growing brand love. 70% of consumers3 feel closer connections to brands as a result of their content marketing efforts. You can bridge the gap between you and your audience with a strategic marketing approach that earns their attention, and gets your story heard.

Brands are investing more in content marketing to help tell their stories and drive deeper connections. But if a story is told in the forest, and there's no one around to hear it, was the story ever told? Even the world's greatest stories need distribution. Great content alone rarely gets results.

RYOT Studio's unique solution gets your brand story heard with end-to-end content programs that combine unmatched distribution with purposeful storytelling that drives consumers to act. With Oath and RYOT Studio, brands can make sure their stories aren't just well-told, they're also well-heard.

Content Programs built by RYOT Studio

Our content program process begins and ends with a brand's goals. This unique approach leverages Oath's deep data and insights, creative expertise, and unrivaled distribution network to ensure brands develop actionable stories and get them in front audiences ripe to hear their messages.

  • Begin and end with the brand - It starts with a business problem and an understanding of a brand's values and voice. It ends with measurable results that build brands.
  • Insights - Content programs are based on insights from Oath's 4 trillion monthly data signals and 1 billion monthly users. Together with data from content white space analysis and social listening, we develop an unrivaled understanding of a brand's audience.
  • Strategy - Insights drive the development of custom creative assets and inform the right content partnerships and voice to drive consumer action.
  • Creative - We are a team of award-winning artists, filmmakers, and innovators. Together with the world's largest brands, we develop assets that will earn attention.
  • Distribution - Extend your content's reach on Oath's leading sites or third-party partners through direct and exclusive partnerships with premium publishers.

Driving Brand Love and Action

Content marketing is traditionally hailed as a top-of-funnel brand marketing activation. Surprisingly to some, it's also an effective tool for spurring consumers to act. We analyzed more than 300 Oath content marketing campaigns to understand the full-funnel impact.

Program Spotlights: Partner Collection and Earthrise Project

Content programs work, but how can brands activate? Work with us to build a custom program to reach your customers, or partner with one of our broader content programs—Partner Collection and the Earthrise Project.

RYOT Studio's Partner Collection offers brands a simple way to align with entertaining, informative, and emotionally riveting video content. With this program, brands are engaged to actively influence and co-produce each series. To ensure impact at scale, a series can be distributed through numerous channels, including through Oath's owned and operated editorial properties, via Oath's search and native advertising platforms, and with the Oath Video Activation Network, for premium video distribution to publishers.

The Earthrise Project is a first-of-its-kind, years-long connective content program to inspire and unite the next generation of innovators and disruptors to create a sustainable future.

Ripe for partnership for future-thinking brands, this program leverages the entire Oath ecosystem and includes a dedicated Earthrise Project digital headquarters, co-created content produced by RYOT Studio in diverse storytelling formats, curated editorial content from O&O properties, a co-produced documentary film, and celebrity sponsorship.

To learn more about how best to communicate your brand story and values check out our digital brochure, infographic, or contact us to get your story heard.

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