Case study: Click Here Publishing drives native success with Kenshoo

July 3, 2018

At a glance

Goal: drive incremental, quality traffic beyond search campaigns.

Solution: access additional, cost-effective ad inventory through Kenshoo's integration with Oath's native and search marketplace.


  • 56% lower average CPL
  • 12% increase in conversion
  • 20% decrease in average CPC

Click Here Publishing is a full-service digital marketing and consulting firm with more than 25 years' experience engineering innovative digital solutions for the world's leading brands. They provide complete fulfillment of integrated solutions in analytics, paid search and search engine optimization, social media advertising, email marketing, reputation management, and website design.

The challenge: turbocharge targeted traffic

Among its roster of clients, Click Here Publishing works with a number of auto dealerships to drive leads into the showroom. Click Here Publishing was already delivering great results for these dealerships using Kenshoo Search, and clients wanted to invest even more. Finding incremental, quality traffic could be a tough road to navigate, however. That's when the Kenshoo team suggested native advertising as a way to easily extend existing campaigns while maintaining traffic quality. Together they steered a course toward Oath's native and search marketplace, which offers more than 60 billion monthly impressions across Yahoo, AOL and other premium partner sites.

"Kenshoo's integration with Oath's native and search marketplace has allowed us to run campaigns seamlessly in another high-performing channel. We now have access to more inventory that is less competitive, while managing our native campaigns alongside our other campaigns, using a single technology platform with the features, integrations, and capacity for customization that we need."

- Glenn Hawkins, V.P. of S.E.M., Click Here Publishing

More Mileage from existing campaigns

With the direct integration of native ads into the Kenshoo platform, merging this new source of traffic into the existing campaign management flow was a smooth ride. With Oath's native and search marketplace, Click Here Publishing was able to access additional, cost-effective ad inventory for their clients while easily managing these native ads alongside their search campaigns with Kenshoo technology.

With a large number of accounts under management, Click Here Publishing took full advantage of the wide range of automated actions and bulk management features the Kenshoo platform offers, as well as its sophisticated budgeting tools. Budget Pacing in particular, which takes a set budget amount and applies it over several campaigns at a steady pace throughout the month, proved to be very effective at allocating incremental spend to campaigns that were able to take advantage of available inventory, without the need for manually shifting budget from campaign to campaign.

These time-saving features allowed Click Here Publishing to run campaigns more efficiently, and focus on further optimizing clients' results. And with Oath's native and search marketplace, the team saw incredible results.

The results

When comparing Oath's native and search marketplace to a leading search publisher for new-car related keywords, Click Here Publishing's auto dealership clients realized:

When looking at Oath's native and search marketplace versus a second leading search publisher for new-car related keywords, the performance improvements continued: