Case study: Purple hits mobile sweet spot with Verizon Media

March 14, 2019

Goal: boost existing native advertising efforts to drive mobile conversions among new and existing customers

Solution: engage in-market audiences on mobile with advanced features for Moments and interactive native tiles

Results: playable and Panorama Moments ad units successfully surpassed ROAS benchmarks by 130%


Reaching on-the-go consumers

Since its inception in 2016, Purple has turned the mattress industry on its head using direct-to-consumer and digital marketing tactics. Purple and Verizon Media expanded their partnership to drive new mobile engagement among customers of all ages. Utilizing Verizon Media's immersive native ad unit Moments with advanced feature capabilities, the campaign precisely targeted new prospects and active browsers on mobile via Predictive Audiences and retargeting strategies. Delivering a portfolio of static and video ad units, the campaign efficiently drove performance and increased ROAS.

Transforming mobile shopping experiences

A disruptor at its core, Purple worked with Verizon Media to showcase the creativity and on-brand humor Purple is known for through media-rich Playable and Panorama Moments native ad units. The interactive tiles prompted consumers to learn about Purple's "comfort magic" science and welcomed them into a virtual mattress lab, cleverly boosting brand awareness and driving mobile engagement.

"Creating authentic content that resonates with our consumers is key to our digital marketing success. Verizon Media has helped us execute more innovative native advertising techniques and creative formats to successfully deliver a great experience on mobile platforms where we find today's customers." - Rob Towne, Head of Search and Display Advertising, Purple.

Dreamy results

Purple's campaign blew its CTR benchmarks out of the water using advanced features for Moments. The brand also overachieved on its ROI target by 130% with Playable Moments tiles¹.

Purple's innovative digital approach proves that the mattress buying experience can be fun, putting boring industry stereotypes to bed for good.

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Source: ¹Verizon Media Group, internal campaign reporting