Case study: Spinrilla turns up the revenue with video ads

June 29, 2018

Spinrilla's goals

Known as the 800-lb gorilla of free hip-hop mixtapes, Spinrilla was looking for a way to increase revenue from the ad-supported version of their app, which gives access to thousands of hip-hop mixtapes from well-known artists and DJs.

"Video has proven to be the highest paying and most engaging form of ad for us without ruining the user experience. Users understand that they're getting access to free streaming music, so one video ad every 60 minutes isn't seen as a problem."

– Dylan Copeland | Founder, Spinrilla

How Oath helped?

Our team worked directly with Spinrilla to make sure the app developer was officially integrated into all relevant systems and that proper optimizations were in place.

Together we developed a holistic approach where Spinrilla was able to monetize across several different channels – including video, banner ads and interstitials – with plans to introduce native adsin the future.

By combining a variety of different ad units and optimizations around frequency and timing, and high-quality video campaigns, Spinrilla was able to diversify the types of ads being shown to their audience in a non-intrusive and complementary manner.


+54% increase in earnings over the previous month following integration of video ads.