CES Know & Go: Connecting through innovative formats

January 8, 2019

As we embark on the start of a new year, we at Verizon Media welcome the opportunity to highlight consumer insights that are driving marketing innovation. We know all eyes, ears, and hands will be on major launches this week at CES, so we've created a daily insight series based on our latest innovation study. Start your day with a knowledge flash before you head to your meetings and all those booths.

Today's insight is all about the future of marketing. Virtual and augmented reality are the most innovative formats ever created to empower brand storytelling. With faster data speeds soon available (hello 5G), opportunities to push the boundaries of digital ad interactivity will be huge.

AR stats jpeg

This presents valuable white space in which forward-looking brands can pull ahead of their competition.

Learn how virtual and augmented realities create new and memorable ways to engage with your audience.

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* Verizon Media, Innovation Study, November 2018