CES Know & Go: Connecting through next-generation devices

January 10, 2019

As we embark on the start of a new year, we at Verizon Media welcome the opportunity to highlight consumer insights that are driving marketing innovation. We know all eyes, ears, and hands will be on major launches this week at CES, so we've created a daily insight series based on our latest innovation study. Start your day with a knowledge flash before you head to your meetings and all those booths.

Today's insight is the evolution of advertising platforms in an era of increased data capabilities and emerging distribution channels. Advancements such as AI and 5G will only further enhance the speed and channels through which brands can forge more meaningful connections with their audiences. 72% of consumers are excited about the faster data transfer speeds that 5G networks will unlock to ultimately power the next generations of devices.

Stat 3 DA, 5G, AI jpeg

This is technology that marketers must keep on their immediate radar.

As mobile and smart home devices focus on the power of audio and voice controls, let's take a look at how brands today can use data to reach audiences through programmatic audio.

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* Verizon Media, Innovation Study, November 2018