HuffPost UK win 'Best Site for News-led Journalism'

May 2, 2019

HuffPost UK took home 'Best Site for News-led Journalism' at The Drum Media Online Media Awards 2019 on Tuesday April 30th. This award recognises a power-house year for HuffPost, delivered by an established team of industry-leading UK journalists.

Over the past year, HuffPost News has built up a reputation for reporting the UK as readers see it. For example, last year's series 'Austerity Bites' was followed up at the beginning of 2019 with 'What It's Like To Lose', which focused on elevating stories of individual cuts to services in communities to the status of national news stories, to properly tell the story of how austerity is changing our country.

Jess Brammar, Executive Editor at HuffPost UK explains on the win: "We've covered every twist and turn of Brexit, with Paul Waugh and our brilliant politics team bringing scoop after scoop, and never losing focus on the need to explain why things that happen in Westminster matter to our readers."

"But we've also consciously tried to get out of the London bubble, hiring reporters outside of the capital, and closing the London office for a week to move the newsroom to an empty shop in Birmingham to learn more about what kind of stories our readers want us to cover. We've worked hard to shine a light on discrimination, breaking stories on racist school textbooks that led to them being taken out of print, and talking to the people many other media outlets haven't, like the family of the woman who was racially abused on a Ryanair flight, or victims of the knifecrime epidemic. I am excited to see what's next for the team."

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