Microsoft plus Oath: unprecedented quality at scale for advertisers

August 8, 2018

About the Oath Microsoft partnership

Oath's partnership with Microsoft provides marketers with unrivaled access to premium, brand safe inventory with the highest viewability. Microsoft is home to solutions ranging from premium display to the emotion of video and transparent programmatic advertising. The Microsoft portfolio gives you the power and scale of the Microsoft ID, Bing search and MSN browsing for rich first party data that makes your advertising even more effective.

Build your brand with Oath and Microsoft

  • Highly viewable inventory certified by market-leading ad verification and viewability providers
  • Brand safe environments with curated content experiences and no user-generated content
  • Commitment to transparency with adopted first-price auction model for transparency
  • Authorized sellers and supply path optimization
  • True multi-channel offering

Advertiser solutions: programmatic, data and measurement, video and content

The Microsoft and Oath partnership provides marketers with a powerful combination of video, display and content marketing advertising solutions. Meet your goals with flexible premium and programmatic executions and the power of Microsoft data signals.


Streamlined and transparent programmatic advertising with a first-price auction model, supply path optimization and access to Private Marketplaces.

Data and measurement

Powerful Microsoft data at scale including customer, user and behavioral data that is declared, verified and confirmed.


Connect with your consumers by using Microsoft in-channel and in-article video solutions in premium content environments.

Content marketing

Engage your customers on their terms with immersive advertising experiences on iconic brands including XBOX, MSN and Outlook.

Why partner with Oath and Microsoft?

  • 324M Microsoft audience in Oath markets*
  • 90M Microsoft plus Oath additional users in Oath markets*
  • 84% Video viewability**
  • 68M Bing U.S. searchers not on Google makes Microsoft data unique***


2018 summer campaign with Palladium Hotels and MSN Travel

Palladium Hotels, T20 and Oath partnered up for a successful 2018 summer campaign to promote the new Palladium luxury holiday resort in Cancún.

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Sources:*comScore Key Measures Multi-Platform. **MOAT viewability. ***comScore qSearch, Explicit Core Search.