Take a stand: use mobile to speak up

January 28, 2018

Values. For consumers, that word isn't just about saving money, it's about sharing views. At the end of the day, people want to align with brands that reflect their identity and interests. Oath recently took a deep dive into what drives brand love, surveying 150,000 people around the globe, and identified six key drivers. "Share values" was one of them, and makes up 12% of the global brand love pie.

What does that mean? Gone are the days where brands can idly sit by without taking a stance--having an opinion enables you to connect with consumers who share your values. Know what your brand represents and make sure your actions reinforce that at every turn. Think about when 90 big name business leaders took a stand against North Carolina's anti-LGBT law. Or when big brands stood up to hate after the Charlottesville rally. Some of the best-known brands in the world have stood up for what they believe is right--in very public ways--and while they might lose a customer along the way, they'll retain the ones who matter.

Brands can also use advertising to showcase their beliefs. Case in point: Cheerios. A few years ago, the cereal brand aired a commercial with an interracial couple, publicizing their view that families come in all shapes and sizes. When it aired, the ad immediately generated racist backlash. Did Cheerios stop running the ad? No. The only thing that Cheerios took down was the comment section on YouTube, preventing further racist comments. To hammer the point home, Cheerios brought the same family back in an ad they aired during the Super Bowl. Now that's taking a stand.

While brands must use a variety of mediums to communicate their message, mobile is essential. Consumers who have 3+ mobile touchpoints with their favorite brands are 81% more likely to have deeper trust in the brand (Oath, U.S. Omnibus Survey, November 2017). Taking a stand is meant to build trust, and mobile is they key to getting that message across.

So, how else can brands take a stand?

1) Speak up, speak out, and back your words with action. Use the power of storytelling to stake a values claim. Build a dialogue about it with consumers using social media. In the U.S., the number of people using social media on mobile increased 6.9% year-over-year, so make sure mobile is on your road map (eMarketer U.S. Mobile Usage & Ad Spend Snapshot, January 2018).

2) People notice where your brand shows up. Make sure your ads always appear next to content that matches your values.

3) Keep good company. Partner with other brands that share your values, even across industries.

While it ranked as the fourth most important driver in building brand love (behind exceed needs, build trust and set trends), "share values" is one of the most visible when it comes to your brand's identity. It's easy to build content around, earns media coverage, and, at the end of the day, it makes you feel as good as you look, right?

To learn more about brand love, read our first, second and third article in this series, visit love.com, or contact us to see how Oath can help your brand take a stand.