Wayfair is at home with search ads on Oath

August 17, 2017

This case study shows the value of using optimized search ads to ensure high-quality clicks.

Search is often the first place consumers turn when considering a purchase. As a top online retailer for home furnishings in the U.S., Wayfair wanted its search ads to work harder to attract and convert customers online, and ultimately achieve its KPIs.

"We wanted to increase our click-through rates over time, and make sure that our search ads were truly bringing high-quality, high-value traffic to the site," said Dan Wulin, Associate Director, Data Science at Wayfair.

In our latest case study with Wayfair, we uncover how engaging searchers and optimizing search ads can lead to some amazing success.

"People who use Yahoo Search tend to be more heavily engaged and generate more conversions on our site than the average visitor. We also saw the large investment in and growth of Oath's search and native marketplace, so we knew we would see more traffic and customers through search advertising on Oath," said Wulin.

Read our case study to learn:

  • How Wayfair used search advertising to achieve a CTR 240% higher than the retail industry benchmark
  • How search advertising through Oath Ad Platforms can deliver improved conversion rates and boost online sales

"Wayfair has continuously enhanced its search advertising and optimization through Oath Ad Platforms as part of its customer acquisition strategy and it's delivering results," said Courtney McKlveen, Vice President & Industry Lead, Retail at Oath. "In addition to Oath's search ads driving traffic to the Wayfair site, what's really powerful is that consumers who engage with them tend to generate more conversions and have a higher order value than the average visitor to the Wayfair site. So with back to school and college season ahead, when search is the top online source for consumers, we look forward to continued successes with brands like Wayfair."

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