Whitepaper: super auction - header bidding, evolved

February 2, 2018

Header bidding was a game changer for desktop display publishers. So why can't the same approach be applied to help app developers and mobile-first publishers maximize their revenues? Simply put, header bidding is not a copy-paste solution.

Thankfully we've learned a few things from display's successes and shortcomings. In this white paper you'll learn how we've translated the best parts of display into a single solution that gives publishers a smarter way to manage yield.

Read on to discover:

  • The current state of the mobile advertising market and how it's ripe to be flipped on its head

  • The advantages of choosing a dedicated, mobile-first partner who understands the unique infrastructure and quality demand of the mobile ecosystem

  • How a hybrid solution like Super Auction enables publishers to reap all the benefits of a pure server side solution while also working with the client side

It's time to make more money in mobile. Are you ready for the super evolution?

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