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Oath is home to the industry’s largest mobile demand portfolio, helping you monetise across every device and format with a single, scalable SDK.


Our self-serve platform is rated #2 in mobile seller trust. Earn the most revenue per impression with a simplified process of ad serving, network mediation, and real-time bidding.

How Super Auction, our header bidding solution, works

Super Auction is our in-app header bidding solution that allows everyone to see your inventory and bid at the same time. With this “every look” access, buyers have a fair chance to compete for all ad opportunities.


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Solution benefits

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Unmatched demand

Gain access to the industry’s largest demand portfolio including exclusive premium brand advertisers.

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Advanced mediation

Expand your capabilities with adapters for Facebook, iAd, AdMob, AdColony, and many others.

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High-impact creative

Accelerate rich media, video, native, interstitial, and other unique formats that deliver superior eCPMs and end user experiences.

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Brand safety

Protect yourself from malicious pop-ups, auto-redirects, and Javascript alerts.

Why use Oath mobile solutions?

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You've worked hard to build your premium inventory, and to control access to ideal audiences. But often, that inventory sells for less than it's worth.

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